marketing for real estate developers

Today, every business can benefit from a well-developed digital marketing strategy. Especially in a competitive, dynamic industry like real estate development, it’s key to develop a marketing approach that keeps up with how buyers are using technology in the home buying process.

Because many professionals in the real estate industry rely upon strong business relationships and word of mouth (both very powerful tools in their own right), it’s hard to know where to begin with an online marketing plan.

Why should you invest in digital marketing for real estate development? What does a strong digital marketing plan include? In this article, you’ll learn the basics of digital marketing for real estate developers.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a blanket term that basically covers any marketing performed online. This includes sharing updates on social media, advertising on social media, optimizing your website for organic search traffic (SEO), using blog articles to attract potential customers, creating landing pages, running paid online ads, and much more.


What does a strong digital marketing plan for real estate development include?

Internet use is at an all-time high, with more buyers using mobile apps and online search to begin the home buying process. An effective real estate marketing strategy is a multi-faceted effort combining web design, social media, branding, online lead generation, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

A real estate development company is challenged with bringing a concept to life—and presenting potential buyers with a compelling reason to invest in their property, often before the project is even completed. In real estate development, an effective digital marketing strategy is designed to inspire potential buyers to turn their dreams into a reality. Through elements like photography, video, graphics, and writing, your campaign should highlight the key characteristics of a new property, send an impactful message that appeals to a target group of buyers, and generate leads.


What is the digital marketing process like?

As a real estate developer, you’re constantly challenged with bringing a concept to life. The work of a real estate developer requires a talent for building good relationships, a high-risk tolerance, and an ability to creatively solve problems at a moment’s notice. Most of the time, it’s asking too much to add an online marketing strategy to the list.

As a digital marketing agency, we offer real estate marketing that adapts to the many stages of development. Here are some of the steps we include in the process of creating a tailored digital marketing approach for your company:

1. Develop a buyer persona

Determine who we are targeting with our marketing. What does our target audience value and like?

2. Build Your Brand

What appeals to you? What appeals to your target audience? What imagery would we like associated with our offering?

3. Define your goals

What would you like to achieve through digital marketing? Which metrics do we measure in order to evaluate our results? What is the budget for the project?

4. Create a digital marketing strategy

Which aspects of your online presence require attention? Which professionals will we need to get the job done? Which tasks are a priority according to timing and budget?

5. Implement, track & report

Our team carries out the digital marketing plan, tracking the performance of ads, landing pages, posts, etc. We meet with you to report on performance and compare to our original goals.


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