Great Design + Functionality = Innovative Web Design.

At Blimco, we understand that it is the user’s experience that ultimately drives strategic business outcomes.

Creating the perfect balance between a visually appealing website and a user-friendly experience is what we do best.  Our unique designs deliver your brand message with a solutions-oriented, easily navigable experience that will convert your business’s leads into valued customers.

Making the most of your budget, designed to perform.

A well-designed website works around the clock for you. Blimco web design starts with research to ensure your website will  “be easily found” on Google and other popular search engines when people perform searches for the products your business offers. Through your site, your customers will gain the valuable information that they require, all the while being engaged by a well-branded virtual space. Gain the trust of your website visitors, while guiding them towards the conversion you seek.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design Kelowna


Wi-Fi & mobile-connected devices will generate 68% of all internet traffic by 2017.

Most websites are now being designed “responsive” to ensure your website is easy to use, read and navigate across all devices. Responsive websites adjust the page layout depending on the desktop or mobile device it is being used on and it is absolutely imperative that your website is responsive to capture this rapidly growing market.

70% of smartphone owners who bought something in a store, first turned to their devices for information relevant to that purchase.
(Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com)

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With strategical website plan, we will make sure your new website meets the necessary requirements for long term performance. Blimco works with select creative designers and proficient developers best suited to deliver your website ready to market and reach your business goals.


Using the latest search engine optimization tactics, and sound knowledge of visitor behaviour, your website will not only be ready to rank on the search engines but rank highly with your visitors, keeping them engaged. Get ready to see increasing higher number of visitors, more phone calls, inquiries and sales.


As our world is becoming increasingly mobile - a responsive website will ensure your business maintains or increases it's market share. Be sure to check your website's mobile functionality and positioning for the keywords people use to search for your products or services. If your website isn't displaying properly or is difficult to find, we can help. Call Blimco.

Before You Invest..

In today’s digital world consumers have certain expectations. To make the most of your investment make sure your website is:

  • Providing Useful, Relevant & Current Information
  • Easy to Navigate. Easy to Use
  • Easily found on Google, Yahoo, & Bing Search Engines
  • Unique and attractively designed
  • Fast Loading.  Google Love Fast Loading Websites for Mobile Viewers
  • Promotes your brand consistently
  • Responsive to any device it may be viewed on
  • Engaging visitors
  • Establishing trust
  • Tested thoroughly
  • Setting visitor expectations with Calls To Actions
  • Trackable through Google Analytics
Website Design & Development - Blimco, Kelowna

Digital marketing is an ongoing process. Partner with Trusted & Transparent Blimco Marketing.


Your Website Will Be Found. Engage Visitors. Generate Leads.