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One of the biggest mistakes we see with our clients as a Kelowna web design agency is this: they’re using stock photos and pre-made design templates that fail to capture what’s truly unique and compelling about their brand.

No matter what line of business you’re in, you’re the expert in whatever service or product you have to offer. Your core product or service—whether it’s massage therapy or HVAC systems—is what you know best, and unfortunately this is often why other aspects of your business (like marketing, e-commerce, and sales) can get thrown onto the backburner.

Not to worry!  If you’re considering making an investment in custom web design services or professional photography for business, this article will give you the information you need to get started.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • What is custom web design?
  • Custom web design vs. website templates
  • Why custom web design is important for your business
  • Stock photos vs custom brand photography
  • Why invest in professional photography?
  • How brand photography affects your website SEO

You can use this information to build a strategy using web design and photography to grow your business.

What is custom web design?

We’ll start with a custom web design definition: custom made web design is focused on the layouts, colors, fonts, graphics, images, and features on a website. These are the core areas, but a custom web design company might offer more than this, including services like online marketing, SEO, advertising, and professional photography for websites.

Custom web design vs. website templates

A large portion of the internet (about 30%) is powered by WordPress, and it’s likely that your website was built using WordPress templates. You might also use one of the other popular sites like Shopify or Wix. Sites like these offer pre-made templates consisting of color themes, fonts, forms, and layouts that allow you to design your own website without having to know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, common code languages for building websites. These pre-made options are a good place to start for building a simple site or experimenting with new ideas, but they have their limitations.

Why custom web design is important for your business

There are numerous advantages of custom web design. Here are a few:

  • You get a content management system (CMS) that’s set up for you to manage your business content, customer and sales data, customer service in exactly the right way to achieve your business goals.
  • You have full control over customization in order to build a web experience that engages your target audience.
  • You benefit from a site tailored by web design specialists who understand how to strategically use website design to achieve business goals.
  • You’ve got access to dedicated technical support from experts who stay on top of industry news and best practices.
  • You can ensure that your site is more secure, optimized for all devices, and more search-engine friendly.

Stock photos vs custom brand photography

Stock photos are used widely across the web (ShutterStock is one of the more well-known stock photo sites), and make no mistake: buying the rights to use a stock photo for a few dollars is a quick, effective way to put professional photography on your website.

Why invest in professional photography?

People are discerning. People are smart. People want real connections with brands that share their values, are led by real people with relatable stories.

Without a doubt, stock photos are convenient. However, they’ll only take you so far when you’re trying to build a name for your business online.

Here’s why:

In the age when anyone can copy your business model or your services with a few copy-pastes and plugins, capitalizing on your authenticity and unique personality as a business is more than a nice-to-have: it’s a highly strategic move.  

If you doubt the importance of brand photography, have a look at the following site before and after the use of professional web photography that showcases the workings behind their actual business. 


Stock Photography


Website with stock photography


Commercial Photography & Videography


Website with professional photography

Check Out Custom Photography and VideoGraphy at


How brand photography affects your website SEO

Most business owners have at least a basic idea of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works—in basic terms, SEO focuses on making your website rank higher in the results on search engines like Google. Most people know that having the right keywords and links on your site is important for SEO, but many people don’t know that photography affects your SEO as well.

Today, search algorithms factor in much more than your keywords and links—they factor things like engagement (for example, how much visitors spend on your site) and the strength of your social media profiles associated with your pages.

This is why high quality, compelling brand photography is important for your SEO. Not only does it lead to higher conversion rates and make it more likely that your visitors will remember your site, but it also can increase engagement with your brand on social media and on your website. Both of these factors contribute to your search engine ranking.

Own your unique culture

We’ve gone over some practical and technical reasons why custom web design and photography is important for growing your business. There’s one more reason that’s just as important, albeit less tangible than website security or SEO: your brand culture.

When you own your image, you own how people perceive your brand. Not only is this good from a marketing perspective, but also from a company culture perspective. Cohesive branding and compelling imagery give your team members something to identify with—something that effortlessly and uniquely shows what your business believes in.

In fact, in a recent article from NOBL (a consultancy for organizational change), they cited multiple examples of prominent companies—Amazon, Apple, and Uber, to name a few—illustrating how each company’s culture has been a make-or-break in their success.

Every business, no matter how big or small, is a world in itself. You have a unique story to tell, whether you know it or not! Especially for businesses who are still figuring out their branding—or working out how to rebrand a business—working with a web design company can be hugely beneficial.


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